5 Ways to Get Through Hard Days

Getting through hard days are difficult because Life seems to want to keep us from achieving our goals. And then we shut down. We feel helpless. We start thinking, “Everything I do goes wrong” or “Nothing ever works out.” Sound familiar?

Well, hun, you may be having a bad day but you have the power to change it.  We may not have the power to stop bad days but we can change how we respond to the them.

How to Take Control of Bad Days

Take A Break

I get it! You feel overwhelmed or your brain has shut down. It is totally fine to want to take a break. Mind you, I didn’t say give up. Let you mind focus on something else. But this break needs to be purposeful.


I think about the emotions that are going through your mind. So I suggest that you try to pinpoint the origin of those emotions by thinking about events that led up to how you’re feeling now. And then acknowledge those feelings for what they are. Don’t how you’re feeling because your feelings are valid.

Talk to someone

This is the main reason we have close friends and family. Of course they are there for the good times. But they also signed up for the bad times. All of this means that you don’t have to keep all your thoughts to yourself. Your loved one can help you process your feelings as well as figure out potential next moves.

Take Action

Now that processed your feelings and your friends have gased you up, you need to do something about your bad day. This can mean so many different things. Taking action could mean making a phone call, setting an appointment, or ending a relationship. Regardless of the action, something needs to be done. Remaining idle may lead to a continuation of your bad day.


Reward yourself for doing what needed to be done. After everything you’ve gone through and had to do afterward, you deserve to reward yourself with some self-care. Make a yummy, healthy breakfast, bask in the sun, or buy yourself a small token. But do something that you love and will put a smile on your face. Your rough day needs to end in a smile. Here’s a video of how I use self-care to find happiness and a few products I use.

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We can’t control what happens to us, but we can control how we respond. Your day does haven’t to stay bad unless you choose it to be. But as a side note, give yourself time to feel ready to talk to others. You do not have to get step in one day. All you have to do is continue to play an active role in your happiness.





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