A dog named Biscuit

This sleepy looking dog is Biscuit. He is the greatest form of self-care that I have granted myself. As I’ve mentioned elsewhere on my blog, it takes me extra effort to find the happiness around me. By adopting Biscuit, I gained consistency, love, loyalty, and most importantly, a best friend.

When I first met Biscuit at Zeus’ Place, I asked about his story. All the shelter knew was he had just removed from a kill shelter and was on death’s row. After Biscuit was transferred to Zeus’ Place, roughly 5 months had gone by by the time I adopted him. For some reason, I was the only interested candidate. Even though it may seem like a sad story, I want to believe that Biscuit was waiting for me. Just looking at his paws, his tail and his ears, I can tell that something or someone had mistreated him. He has the scars to prove it. Although my scars aren’t visible, I could feel that we needed each other.

If you ever in New Orleans or already reside her, I urge you to visit Zeus’ Place. There are many animals that, young and old, that are looking for their forever home. If you’re not sure if you’re ready to adopt, you have the option to foster any animal for as short as a weekend and as long as it takes for the animal to get adopted. Interested? Go Here!

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