Breads on Oak

So the worst part of being a vegan with a HUGE sweet tooth is not having access to non dairy baked goods. Luckily, for more, I’m not too far away from a Whole Foods. I even ordered a vegan birthday cake from there. But even the famous Whole Foods is pretty limited. So much so, I’ve tried every baked good in their bakery. I was really happy when I found Breaks on Oak.

When you walk in, there are so many options. Actually, everything Breads on Oak bakes, is vegan or non-dairy. It is every Vegans heaven. They sell all sorts of plant-based artisan breaks, breakfast and lunch foods, pastries, and much more! It may seem too good to be true, but even when an item says it has egg, shrimp, or cheese, I promise you that many of the ingredients are just flavored to taste just like it.

I haven’t tried everything just yet. Which is great since Breads on Oak have so many options. So far, I’ve had the chance to try a few baked goods.

Top: Irish Oat Cranberry cookie

Right:Cajun Shrimp Brioche

Bottom: Pina Colada Brioche

Each of them were SOOOOO good. The Pina colada brioche was so sweet and creamy. The bits of coconut and fresh pineapple were perfect. The Cajun brioche was seasoned perfectly and so savory. And very “cheesy.” Don’t forget it was non-dairy cheese. Lastly, the cookie was tasty. But it was pretty typical. Check out the rest of their menu here.

Breads on Oak is totally worth a visit. The costumer service is awesome and the people who work there are really friendly. The atmosphere is calm and quaint. There is seating inside if you choose to bring a laptop and eat your food. And there are a few tables outside as well. But if you do choose to sit inside, you can see the bakers in the kitchen working through a glass wall. I couldn’t help but check out the care the bakers had for their baked goods they were preparing behind me.

What’s your favorite vegan spot? Is there anything that you’d want to try here? Let me know in the comments below.

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