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I’m thoroughly enjoying trying out recipes from Thug Kitchen, the cookbook. Honestly, I’m not super great at coming up with my own recipes on the fly nor do I like the pressure of it. But I thought this recipe for Coconut-Lime Rice was simple to follow with only 3 steps. If you had the opportunity to catch my Tuesday Instastory Cooking sessions, you saw how I had to make a few substitutions to a few of the ingredients since I’m a bit forgetful. For example, I completely forgot about vegetable broth. Luckily (sorta) I had a packet of the seasoning from a prior ramen noodle dinner.

Thug Kitchen has continued ask for fresh ingredients. I prefer recipes that call for such things:  diced onions, minced fresh ginger, chopped cilantro, lemon zest and the juice of the same lime, as well as mangos. But I’ll totally let a can of red beans and a can of coconut milk slide because I’m honestly too lazy to soak beans and I couldn’t tell you how to get coconut milk out of a coconut. Ultimately, I would consider this t be a clean meal.

Clean eating is the consumption of clean food, or Whole Foods, that are minimally processed. Food that comes from the earth.

This one-pot dish can serve as 4 whole meals or 6 sides dishes. If you’re not already aware, I am vegan. And yes, you can get full off a meal without meat. This is where the beans and rice come in. Beans provide the main source of protein while the rice continues to expand or fill the stomach after consumption.

Since I changed the original recipe so much I wasn’t going to include it. Because the alterations were do due negligence, I didn’t see a point. But I definitely recommend purchasing the recipe book. Additionally, this  meal may or may not be the last recipe I do from this text. I have prepared several recipes from this text and I’m ready for another. Have any recommendations?

Update (1/13/13) I changed my mind. Here’s a video of how I made this. I received a few more views on my instagram story than I thought I would. Enjoy!

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