Creating a Peaceful Environment in Your Home

  1. Start with silence or little noise You’ve had to deal with people talk to you all day. In some cases, it’s talk at you. That’s a lot of stimuli to deal with. Taking away excess noises in your home can help keep the stimuli to a minimum. Embrace the silent you have just given yourself. When you’re ready, move onto #2.
  2. Choose your stimuli. This is the time to take control of the stimuli around you. For example, it can be music, a candle, beverage, drink or an animation that controls breathing. ( I like green smoothies). Essentially, you’re finding something that slowly awakens your 5 senses.
  3. Do Nothing. Give yourself time to not do any work, whether it’s for school or your   career. Choose a different activity that only pleases you or brings your happiness. You know what, it’s even ok to take step #2 literally and sit and don’t do anything, like move a muscle. You deserve it!
  4.  Just say No! Respecting your time of peace is essential. If anything or anyone is hindering your peace by requesting something from you that prevents hat peace, politely say no. 
The key to finding a peaceful moment in your home is being self. You must keep yourself be in control of what happens in your life, if only for a moment. We each have so many responsibilities that are put upon us by other people. Well you also have a responsibility to find peace within all the chaos.

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