Creating a Safe Space with a Small Place

Creating a safe space in your home is a method I’m using to increase my comfortability within my space apartment. This space is filled with a few special items that are aesthetically pleasing to me as well as a space that provides comfort to my body.

Because I live a on bedroom apartment, I don’t have much room for anything else but to live. For instance, I have a bedroom with enough space for 3 pieces of furniture: my bed, my dresser and a make-shift vanity table (which is squeezed into the corner). My kitchen can comfortably fit 1 person. But the moment another person takes 1 step into the kitchen, all that can be heard is an exchange of “excuse me” as each person inevitably bumps into one another. Lastly, I try my best with the living room/entrance way. It’s just big enough to fit an entertainment system with a tv and couch, you can forget about a dining table ever entering my apartment.

“safe space: a place… intended to be free of bias, conflict, criticism, or potentially threatening actions, ideas, or conversations”


These parameters come with no surprise. I’m broke! As a result of my financial disposition, I became concerned that I wouldn’t have an opportunity to be creative in my space. But nothing is impossible for those who plan and work hard. In order to create a safe space, I had to be resourceful and open-minded.


How to Create Your Own:

  1. Lighting. You should have the ability to use this space during the day and at night with ought any interruption to you vision. If you provide limitation such as the ability to see, you will be less likely to use it. Luckily, outdoor water proof lights can be found easily on Amazon dot com. There are so many different styles to choose from. Pay attention to the length of the lights. Since my patio is small, I knew I only needed to purchase 1 box.
  2. Decor. This is you time to show off your creative side that is the most personal in my opinion because this space is intended for personal use. My decor is in the form of plants. That’s all I needed to be happy. All of the herbs (1 was a gift) were and their materials were bought at K-mart to keep costs low. And the larger plants were sitting idly on a curb waiting to find a new home.
  3. Comfort! This is the most important piece. If you aren’t comfortable sitting in your safe space, you will never return. I have a small area rug, outdoor seat cushions, and repurposed couch cushions to help make my space comfortable to lay and sit on.

Additional Advice: Try to use resources you already have. This project should not be a stressful one. The purpose of safe space is to have an area that is geared towards your personality and your emotional/ psychological needs. The creation of this space should be a fun experience without being a financial expense.

My safe space is outdoors because that is where I feel the most calm. I enjoy feeling a cool breeze and listening to the world go on around me. Yet, I urge you all to recognize that safe spaces can be created indoors as well. If you can share your spaces below or your experiences of them.

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