Eating to My Best Life

What’s Going On

Lately, I’ve been focusing heavily on my self-care activities that concentrate on my mental health. Such things like finding the right antidepressants, going to yoga, morning meditation, leaving a toxic job and spending more time with my mini family.

I haven’t necessarily put my physical health to the side, it just wasn’t my main priority. I am always aware of the food I put into my body, but my mind was a mess. I knew I couldn’t work on my body if my mind wasn’t clear.

So after some time, I was eating what ever could get my hands on that was cheap and vegan, not what was best for my health.

And Now…

Luckily, now that I’ve got my mental health back on a healthier track , I believe I’m able to focus on both at the same time.

Soooooooooo that’s why I’m coming up with my own 30 Day Vegan Challenge leading up to my birthday on May 1. I’m trying to eating to my best life leading up to being 26.

If you’d like to join me, here’s my personal shopping list. Of course you can modify it to meet your own needs. But I know some people have been wondering what kind of food I eat.


Moving forward, I plan to change up my grocery list each week to keep my tummy happy and keep my taste buds from getting bored.

Feel free to share your favorite grocery items below. I’d love to hear what you love to eat that keeps you feeling good.

I love photos, links, videos. Let me see your FOOD.

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