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I haven’t made a Japanese-inspired dish is such a long time…or ever maybe. Realizing that I was really nervous to try to make it, especially with an ingredient I have never even purchased before,  which was eggplant. But I didn’t really have much of a choice. In a previous post, I mentioned the groceries I was able to grab from the Box 25 program from Hollygrove Garden and Market. Well into a week or so later, I still had a plump eggplant that I still hadn’t eaten yet nor did I have a recipe for it.

Luckily, before the produce went bad, I purchased Thug Kitchen: Eat Like You Give a F*ck and there was a recipe with eggplant as the main ingredient! All in all, the meal was fun to make and the recipe was easy to follow. Oh, and did I mention that this meal was vegan! (Actually, the whole book is.) All in all the meal was tasty and it lasted me 3 days. It would have lasted longer if I didn’t make my portions larger than what they were supposed to be.

If you watch any of my instastories (instagram: aj_sweetie), you know that I whole-hearted believe that cooking is a personal experience and that food needs to taste good to the chef and anyone consuming it too (I guess). With that being said, I did tweak the recipe a bit. I did notice that the recipe never called for salt or pepper. I season the entire dish at the end when everything has been cooked and mixed in. Additionally, I grilled some mushrooms…but not until day 2 of it being leftovers.

If you’ve ever tried any recipes from Thug Kitchen or have made something similiar to my dish, let me know in the comments. Or drop suggestions on how I can make it next time. I’d love to hear it!

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