How I Deal with Anxiety

Dealing With Anxiety

Dude it’s real. Anxiety slithers its way onto every facet of my life, from walking down a side walk to talking to my best friends. It is physically and mentally exhausting to keep my thoughts in check all day without driving myself crazy. Being worried all day every day seems nuts and it really is.

And yet, there’s no curing anxiety. Sorry not sorry. But we need anxiety. Stress is a natural response to potential harm.  So there’s no getting rid of stress because it is a part of who we are.

What I Do

But dealing with an anxiety disorder isn’t so simple. Your brain sees potential danger in the most pleasant situations. I’m not sure if the disorder can be cured but I’m on a journey to conquer it.

And here’s how:

1. Become Conscious of Self-Talk

I had to realize the way I talk to myself is the source of my anxiety because I hurt my own feelings or I create an issue that doesn’t exist. I find a reason to doubt myself or how others feel about me. So I’ve been practicing monitoring my thoughts so I can differentiate the healthy thoughts from the harmful.

2. Self-Care Activities

In my opinion, self-care is any activity that contributes to an individuals mental, physical or spiritual health. These activities are purposeful, intentional, and voluntary. Self-care can be as simple as going to bed and getting out of bed on time. Or self-care can be as complicated as a trip to Detroit, MI to learn more about an interest in natural life.

3. Vegan Lifestyle

Personally, the vegan diet is a part of my permanent self care routine. I believe veganism is the best way to have a healthy relationship among food, myself, and my body. After doing my own research, watching “What the Health” and reading “Sister Vegan,” I have become more conscious of how food makes my body feel. Also, I feel more confident in my eating choices.

4. Exercise via Zumba

Working out in the gym is not for me. I’m not able to hold my self accountable every time. But going to Zumba several times a week has helped me become more consistent because the sam group of women have been attending the past 1-2 years. Also, the women are giving 100% effort each time. Since I’m so competitive, I don’t want to look like a slacker for not doing the same. Also, dancing to good music has become a fun and anxiety way to let go of stress.

5. Therapy Visits

This is probably the most important step because dealing with anxiety with bouts of depression on your own is hard to do alone. Having a therapist is not lame or embarrassing. Finding and keeping a therapist takes a lot of strength because you have finally told yourself that what you’re dealing with is hard and you need help.

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I’m still on my journey. And I have been for a while. I want to leave you knowing that you’r e not the only one and you will get through this. In the future, I plan to go deeper into each bullet and explain how each area affects my overall health.

Who else is working on their wellness goal?




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