How to Be Successful Homebody


Your home is a place where you can relax and unwind as you escape from the world. But too often, social media convinces us that we are missing out on by not eating at a certain restaurant or partying at a club. Similarly, it’s nice to see how our friends or otherwise have accomplished their latest goal.

As a result of social media overload, we convince ourselves that we need to always be doing SOMETHING outside of our homes in order to convince others that we are hardworking or interesting.

But in reality, there’s nothing more crucial than taking time to recharge after doing all the things all the time.


A homebody is a person who’s life is centered around the home. Their main interests are located within or directly associated with that home. When you’re a homebody, you prefer that enjoyment in being at home rather than going out.

How to Be Homebody

Ultimately, you need a variety of activities that will bring you and keep you home. You cannot be a successful homebody without having a reason to be home in the first place. So here are a list of potential ideas.

1. Wifi

If you’re looking at this post now, you’re already 1 step ahead of the game. Wifi gave give you access to all the info the world has to offer.

2. TV Streaming Service

Hulu. Netflix. Amazon Prime. You name it, its out there. These’s options are so much cheaper than cable. Plus it’s mobile. You can watch your shows in bed, on the couch, in the kitchen and on the toilet. There are so many binge worthy shows to watch.

A Few of my favorites

Hulu: American Horror Story (7 seasons), ┬áBob’s Burger (8 seasons), Naruto (all of them)

Netflix: Disney Movies Galore! Marvel Movies in Abundance! Once Upon A Time

3. A Hobby

Let’s say that there’s a slight chance that you’re not in the mood for Netflix and Chill (the only definition of chillin), then you need a hobby to keep your hands busy and your creative juices flowing.

Mine is knitting. It’s perfect for me because I can pick it up and put it down whenever I want because there is no particular deadline for any specific project to be finished.

4. Music

Music can set the tone for any evening. You can spend a whole evening creating playlists on Spotify or iTunes for cooking a special meal or doing laundry. I like listening to my Solange or Khalid stations for Pandora so I can be surprised and listen to new music.

But if you’re spontaneous than I am, I recommended going on Spotify and searching for the Discover Playlist. Spotify will recommend music based on what you listened to in the based. And it’s all new!

I don’t really understand how to use Amazon Prime Music but I heard it’s cool.

5. Healthy Snacks

You d NOT want to get in the habit of mindlessly eating an entire pack of cookies just because no one is watching. Also it is not ok to just grab a few scoops of ice cream out of the freezer just because you’re bored. We all know that it is very easy to binge eat an entire roll of Girl Scout cookies in one sitting. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.

You’re precious time at home should be a time to remember your body’s needs and give it some attention. So do that by using this down to to try new recipes, detox your body of toxins, or eating for your health.


Being a homebody does not mean you have to be alone. Having friends come over can be very fun. Also friends and family remind you who you truly are deep down inside. Essentially, time at home is a time to remember who you truly are by removing yourself from the world’s influence.

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