I’m Tired of being Young, Dumb, and Broke. How about you?

Part of self-care is giving yourself permission to grow. You’re actively finding activities, resources, colleagues, etc. that promote your heightened stature. And it’s a beautiful: becoming the person you wish to become. I consider this process self-care because growing is only possible if you take an active role in your growth regardless of the obstacles that will be in your way.

You have to love yourself enough to want to have better for yourself, which then includes not settling for less than what you’re striving for. I hope I’m making sense because if you don’t go after and fight for “better,” no one will else will do it for you. There are individuals or organizations who may hope for your success and root for you along the way, but they can’t put in the work for you.


“Self care in not exclusively making oneself feel happy. Happiness is a temporary state of being.”

~Naturalee Ashlee

But do you know what should never be temporary?

Hard work



I’m not here to tell you through hard work and higher education comes success. Hell no. If you read my past post, you know that success is not guaranteed nor promised if you go that route. But what I can say for a fact  that your life won’t be at its highest potential by doing nothing. With that being said, what have you done this week to get closer to the person you want to become in life? Really think about it. If you haven’t, then why not? What’s stopping you? If your obstacle is something other than yourself, what can you do in order to take control of the situation? Never stop questioning your own limits.

Please recognize I’m not judging  that you may be in a unfortunate situation or environment. I just want you to start thinking about how  much power you actually have and how you can use it.

Will you grow or will you remain the same?

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