Mushroom Risotto

I’m so excited to share my first recipe. I haven’t posted a single recipe because I was reviewing others. This time, I found a risotto recipe and I was going to make it exactly how it was prepared and then review it. But I couldn’t. I just didn’t like it.  After I made so many alterations, I realized I made my own recipe.

I’m a little nervous yet very curious to know what you all think especially because I’ve never made a meal with nutritional yeast because. According to the package, it’s purpose is to give food that cheesy taste without actually being cheese. Now, for my non vegans, even though it does give the closest possible taste to cheese, it does not taste just like it. So when you are making your cream in the blender, your end result will be a cream that somewhat taste like a nutty cheese. Embrace it! I get that it’s different but different does not mean bad.

You’ll notice that I call for a lot of liquids to make the rice. It’s to give the rice a stickier texture that resembles traditional risotto. Since the recipe calls for so much water and vegetable broth, it will take longer to cook compared to using white rice or a rice that will be less sticky. It’s your meal, make it you’re own.


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