Pets & Mental Health: My Free Therapy

As you all know, therapy ain’t cheap. Not even close to being cheap. Some people spend an arm and a leg in order to receive mental health services. I get it though!

Having peace is priceless.

Unfortunately, not everyone has my bomb-ass therapist like me who allows me to skip out on my copay because she knows I’m broke as sh*t. But before I met my guardian angel, I bought my dog, Biscuit, in May 2017. Biscuit is not a therapy dog or anything. He’s just a regular dog I found at the shelter. If you’re interested in knowing where I found him, here’s the link.


I decided to get a dog when I moved to New Orleans because I didn’t know many people and I was struggling to solidify the friendships that I did have.  Not having a group of friends really hurt my self-esteem.

As I became more comfortable in the city, I began meeting a lot of new people but I didn’t know where I fit in. I get along with a lot of people because we’ll both be friendly but we won’t have enough in common to have an in-depth friendship.

Honestly, out of laziness, I decided to adopt a dog so I could have a guaranteed friend. As a added bonus, I didn’t have to do much for the dog to like me. Biscuit was as desperate for a friend as I was.

I was just there for him. And in turn, he decided to be there for me too. In another post, I describe how Biscuit and I have healed each others’ anxiety. We both become anxious from the idea of being abandoned by someone we love.

A dog’s love is truly unconditional. It’s nearly perfect. If only you could bring them everywhere you went. I know I’m returning home eventually, but Biscuit wasn’t understanding the concept.

As my anxiety was improving, I wasn’t improving Biscuit’s. When he was adopted, I was home everyday due to summer vacation so my constant presence became his norm. But when work began, Biscuit began to act out. I tried anxiety medication, Kong toys, and thunder jackets. But nothing worked.

Eventually the more I worried, the more susceptible I was to worry about the other small aspects of my life. Overtime, my anxiety was spiraling out of control.

A year and some change later, I adopted a 2nd dog February 2019. Her name is Claudia. She is like a fire cracker that entered our lives. She keeps me on my toes by keeping me so busy since she is so rambunctious. Additionally, she adores Biscuit and never wants to leave him alone.

It’s as if Claudia saved Biscuit and I from each other.

I know pets require a lot of time and money. But I highly recommend adopting a dog…. or 2. They can literally save your life.

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