Raspberry Breakfast Muffins

My Experience Making Raspberry Breakfast Muffins

Who else is like me and rushes out the door every day to work? No matter how much I know it’s bad for me, I don’t plan my morning at all, especially not my meals. Luckily, I’ve been craving some sort of breakfast muffin but I assumed they would take too long to make. So I had to sit myself down to have chat. I asked, “Why do you do this to yourself every day? We both know that you end up eating the student’s snacks when you don’t eat breakfast.”

One afternoon, I was pinning away through Pinterest and I stumbled upon this pinI knew these muffins would be perfect because the ingredients were simple and the directions are easy enough to follow. But I put my spin on the recipe because the original recipe is not vegan.

The Result

My breakfast muffins were much moister than I expected. But as a reminder, mashed banana were the base. So if you are not a fan of the inside being as soft as bananas, you have two alternatives: keep the muffins in the oven longer than instructed OR use flour, baking soda and baking powder in place of one of the mashed bananas. The recipe below contains the alternate recipe.

But if you’re like me and texture is not a huge concern of your’s, then you will be just fine. These muffins were like biting into spoonfuls of oatmeal.  But hey! We all like what we like.

Raspberry Muffins

Let me know below how you made your muffins and if which recipe you used. Feel free to add any breakfast item you like more or something you’d like to see here on the site.

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