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Plant Based Meals of Our Favorite  Comfort Meals

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Let’s Get Started

It’s been a while since I’ve had the chance to visit a new vegan restaurant and actually document it. Lately, I’ve been on the go or just sick. So I can’t wait to tell you about the food I tried with a few visitors I met that same day. So let me set the scene. It was a beautiful sunny day in New Orleans and it was time for Brunch. It was a very sober meal but a joyful one nonetheless.

Pictured: Blueberry Pancakes, Potatoes Hash (regular), and Tofu Scramble (Spicy)

Overall, my experience was fun, the atmosphere was light-hearted, and I left satisfied. Seed presented costumers with a large selection of dishes for both lunch and brunch with a decent amount of side dishes that you would normally see at non vegan restaurants. Judging by food alone, everything tasted ok. Just ok is my general opinion about all the food. There were more than a few hits and misses. I’ll dive more into it.

A Hit & A Miss

These nachos (left) were the bomb! They were so flavorful. It was made with roasted corn salsa, cashew queso, black beans, guacamole, cashew sour cream, and corn chips. See y’all don’t want to believe me when I say nut-based cheese/dairy products taste delicious, but they do. I mean, if you did believe me, you would have downloaded my vegan Mac n Cheese recipe by now. Here’s another chance to print it. Anyway, these nachos were the highlight of the whole meal. I would go back for just the nachos alone.

But the avocado toast was another story. The toast is made with wheat toast, avocado spread, chia seeds, chili flakes served with balsamic mixed greens and a tomato. It just wasn’t good. When I took a bite of the toast, I was left with  a mouthful of unseasoned avocado with chia seeds, which have no flavor, and red pepper flakes, which don’t add much flavor, and bread, which was plain. I was so excited that the other guest at my table ordered it because it sounded so good. But I was so disappointed by how bland it tasted.


But a redeeming factor of the meal were Seed’s smoothies. They were so delicious! I had the pineapple ginger blast. The salty taste of the ginger paired very well with the sweetness of the pineapple.

As I mentioned earlier, there were several hits, which are definitely Seed’s smoothies. So I recommended trying one or two. Especially if you order something you don’t like.

Moving on….


What I Personally Ordered

These are the 3 dishes that I ordered. In order from greatest to least, here is how I liked them: pancakes, potatoes, tofu scramble. In all honesty, none of them were great. I consider the pancakes the greatest of the three because of the vegan butter on top saved the taste. Without the butter, the pancakes tasted like dough with blueberries. But when butter is added to anything, most things taste good.

Next is the potatoes hash. These potatoes were cooked perfectly. The texture and color were on point. But I didn’t taste a single hint of seasoning on them. It tasted like a plain potato.

Last but Definitely Not by any Definition Least

These mf’in artichoke cakes right here! They were the 2nd most delicious item I had.  There were made with artichoke, heart of palm, roasted corn, red pepper, green onions, garlic, gluten free panko, and buffalo drizzle. They were just perfect. I only had 2 bites because they were someone else’s order. As a result, I don’t remember what they tasted like exactly. But they have left an imprint on my mind.

All in all, Seed presented more meals that I didn’t like. So they were 3 out of 7 for me. But honestly, I’d still go back again! The nachos and the artichoke cakes are worth ordering again. Because Seed can make such delicacies, I’m curious to know what other yummy dishes they have to offer. If want to know more about Seed and their menu, check it out here.

In the comments below, tell me your favorite vegan restaurant and where it’s located. I’d love to hear it. Or if you’re not vegan, are there any that you’d like to try?

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