Spiritual Bath to Cleanse My Aura

A Renewal of Energy

Around the end of November 2018, I mentioned in an instagram post that I have been MIA because I’d been researching different methods to feel connected to the Earth to become more grounded in who I am.

When work started again a few months before that post, I began to feel disconnected from myself and everything I stand for. I had no idea what I should do. So for the following months, I focused on finding ways to connect more with myself and nature.

I believe that black people have a natural connection to the Earth. And when we stray from it, we stray from our true selves. We have this innate ability to use the natural elements to improve our overall well-being like our physical health, mental health, and our spirituality.

The first step to improve my physical health was adopting a plant-based diet. Now that I was working on the forces on the inside, I needed to find a natural way to work on the outside forces like my environment.

Unfortunately, none of us can control everything that goes on around us. We, especially, cannot control how others decide to treat us or some of the conditions and systems in place that have already been established.

All in all, I decided to change how I interact with the environment in my home since it’s the only one I have control over.

While my physical health was improving, my spiritual health was declining. After making a change a vegan diet, I realized the the disconnect between the two forces caused a dissonance. To make matters worse, my spiritual health is connected to my mental health. Even though I attend therapy and take antidepressants, I didn’t know what I believed in.

After some soul searching (and google searching), I decided to believe in the Earth. In the end, I decided to update my bath time ritual by incorporating more natural products that come directly from the Earth.

In the end, I choose to change my bathing routine. Here is an older post for my original routine.

I used sage to ward off any negative energies that may be surrounding my mind and body. I also love the smell of burning sage so it doubled as a form of aromatherapy. Then I added flowers because it made me connect to nature. I honestly don’t know if there are benefits of putting daisies in bath water. But I can guarantee that their presence helped calm my mind.

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