Surrey’s Cafe and Juice Bar | Restaurant | NOLA


As you you will eventually see, I base my opinion of a restaurant on their biscuits. And if I don’t like a restaurant’s biscuits, I typically don’t like the restaurant. I believe that if you can’t make a good biscuit, I won’t be satisfied. And in this case, the biscuit, as well as the whole meal, was sub-par.  Let’s start with the biscuit. It was dry and pretty plain tasting and the butter and jam weren’t really helpful. The Roasted Veggie Omelet was ok. I finished the all of it but that’s because I was hungry. The saving grace was actually the fruit cup! It may look simple but all the fruit was incredibly fresh and tasty. Unfortunately, I don’t remember what my friend ordered but I undoubtly remember the roasted potatoes on her plate. They were so overseasoned the flavor of the potatoes was overwhelming. I think they were going for a spicy dish (and I love spicy), but neither one of were able to enjoy her side-dish.

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