Table for One

Sometimes I take myself out on Brunch dates to remind myself that I matter. It may seem a little silly to ask the host or hostess for a table for 1, but it’s actually pretty normal. When you arrive at the front door of the restaurant, just remember that you’re not the first patron they’ve had to show up alone. Additionally, no one is there to judge you. After you walk through the front doors, people are there to make sure you’re enjoying your time and the food.

The best part of dining alone is you have the ability to really take in the atmosphere. It can be pretty fun to people-watch and check out what else other people are eating or watch as the servers are being busy-bees. This moment helps you understand how restaurants are run and how your presence there is just a small part of the whole system.

Today’s date was at Surrey’s Cafe and Juice Bar. I ordered the Tofu Breakfast Platter. As I ate my marinated tofu sauteed with veggies and brown rice, it reminded me that I and anyone else can enjoy a meal while dining alone. So my advice to you is to not to put too much pressure on yourself to find friends or family to have a good time. Of course activities are fun when you can share them with someone else. But when you force yourself to on have experiences via other people, you ultimately are holding yourself back from another type of happiness: the happiness that comes from spending time with oneself.

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