UNCF Annual 5K Walk for Education | Audobun Park

Attending the Walk for Education was truly inspiring.

Major companies from around the city, as well as 2 HBCUs, were in attendance alongside sororities and citizens from within and outside the city of New Orleans. Each individual from the different organizations showed their common objective of raising awareness if the importance of education. As everyone came to together to hear the commencement speech, this phrase continued to ring through the crowd, ” A mind is a terrible thing to waste.”

It reminded me, and I’m sure many others, that it is the older generations’ responsibility to properly educate the youth while we still have them in our care. Our minds, especially the minds of the youth, are so impressionable. They are just waiting to be filled with a proper education in which the individuals will gain the ability to think and generate ideas of their own. But if adults do not step up to the challenge of molding their minds for greatness, we are actively allowing them to be wasted.

As indicated in the slideshow above, you can view how the multiple companies and corporations came together to provide a fun and informative event. From dance teams hyping the crowd to premed students educating the masses of bodily health, each booth provided an opportunity for participants of all ages to become involved. Unfortunately, I was unable to provide reports of the walk itself. I was whole-hearted engaged in the experience (and dead tired ^_^).

Let me know if you attended as well. If not, what walk do you recommend in the future?

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