Using a 15 Day Raw Vegan Challenge to Cleanse my Body and My Life

Full Disclaimer:

I’m no longer engaged. Because of the the nature of the relationship and the situation I put myself in, by the time of the break up I had 10 days to find a new apartment and a new job. Luckily, I was able to find a solution to both of these problems fairly quickly.

But I didn’t realize the stress of everything was harming my body. By the time I moved into my new place, I was pushing nearly 200 lbs, my cycle was occurring every 2 months, and I’d been eating crap for months (still vegan) and not working out. Don’t even get me started with my mental health.

Luckily, I never give up on myself and my ability to move on. Getting my eating habits together was my first step. My goal was that everything else that felt fucked up would fall into place.

Ultimately, I’m glad I did the Raw Vegan Challenge. I was able to learn more about the true purpose of food and how much food I truly need to feel satisfied.

Guys! I actually ate a full serving of fruits and vegetables every day. Honestly, I feel much more connected with this food pyramid (pictured below) then the one we were all given as kids. I feel more connected with the Earth when I only eat foods of the Earth.

I’m not gonna lie. Of course I thought it was cool to find out I lost 8 pounds in the process, but I was more impressed that the mental fortitude it took to be on such a strict diet. I missed eating cooked food but I don’t miss eating like crap nor do I feel the need to over eat. Ultimately, I no longer wanted to have a bad relationship with food.

For me, that meant creating a better relationship with nature. The challenge reminded me that I’m connected connected to nature and it’s connected to me. But I knew I couldn’t just eat raw food, I needed to be in nature.

I believe I can’t understand myself and the struggles I have without understand my place in nature. Being connected to nature provides me atmosphere to contemplate the person that I am and figure out how I want to continue to grow.

Next Steps as a Spiritualist:

1. Learn more about African Spirituality and how it relates to nature

2. Incorporate meditation and yoga within my daily schedule

3. Commit to sitting in nature at least once a week

4. Put more plants in my home

5. Eat 1 raw vegan meal a day

Next Steps as a Baddie:

1. Make choices for myself and not everyone

2. Live for myself

3. Put my happiness and my peace of mind first

4. Put more effort into Self-Care Rituals

5. Remember I only need myself to bring about happiness

Let me know in the comments below if you’ve ever done a personal challenge. How did it go? Did you learn anything or grow in anyway?

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