Vegan Baked Chilli Macaroni and Cheese

When I tell you that I surprised my own self with my macaroni and cheese. It was creamy and moist on the inside and it had a nice crust like, hardened texture on top. I will say that it did not have the stringy cheese-like feeling and I’m cool with it. You know why, but no macaroni and cheese has to be the same and it can still be delicious! I will say that I have not perfected my craft as a vegan nor do I have all the cooking tools (I’m still a very young adult y’all). With that being said, my macaroni was not a cheesy as it could have been sinceI wasn’t able to scrape all of the cream out of the blender. There’s was so much left.

As a side note, when I’m finished creating the recipe, I will include a suggestion on adding a bit more vegetable broth in the cream to avoid the situation I incurred. This additional broth should help retain as much of the creaminess when the macaroni is placed in the oven. The great thing about cooking is that there is always room to grow.

The cheese substitute was a cashew-based cream mixed with nutritional yeast. While the nutritional yeast gave the cream its cheesy flavor, the cashews did to contribute by giving a nutty tasty. Instead, the cashews provided the slightly salty/bitter taste that regular cheese has. I chose not to use vegan cheese because I’ve seen reviews of a few brands of vegan cheese not melting well. And since the cream was made in the moment, it tasted much fresher.

I have found that not all vegans season their pasta water while it boils but I highly recommend it. It adds a bit more flavor to the pasta. Also, I’ve found olive oil helps the pasta not stick together. But you’ll find different advice all over the net. It’s truly up to you. The spices you use help the spiciness level of the macaroni. The green chilis can’t do all the work. Adding cumin, chili powder, and a pinch of cayenne certainly help.

The recipe is here. Sorry for the delay. I’d been under the weather for so many days. You may have seen me talk about it on InstaStory. Anyways, feel free to click through the recipe or print HERE.

Mac n cheese recipe

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