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Even though the title of this text is “Sistah Vegan,” it is by no means a vegan cookbook. Instead, I can best describe it as a collection of personal memoirs of Black female vegans and their connection to veganism and how it relates to “race, nutrition, gender-identification, animal rights, spirituality, health and healing, body image… etc.” At this time, I have finished reading this book, but I can say that it has helped during this period of my life in which I’ve been questioning my own lifestyle and how I wish to impact the world.

Update! (11/13/17)
I love reading Sistah Vegan so much. It has open my mind to the effects of my eating habits. Initially, I went vegan for my own personal health benefits. But after reading a few stories and memories, I realize my eating habits is an issue that affects just my health but the communities around the world. I wish I’d realized earlier in my life where the products I consume come from and how they are manifested before they even reach my table.

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